How to Remove Whiteheads Like a Pro in 6 Easy Steps


Being experienced in removing whiteheads helps, however anyone can do it with the right tips and tools. Removing whiteheads is a little bit more tricky then removing blackheads. Blackheads are open congestion on the surface of this skin while whiteheads have a layer of skin over them creating white bumps. We have all had them from time to time. These tried and true tips will help you remove whiteheads like a pro. I have used these methods for 15 + years with our fail. My most treasured tip, be gentle and if you are ever in any question about your skin, consult a professional.


  1. Wash skin with specific skin cleansers that are best suited for your skin type.
  2. Use steam to soften congestion in pores. I use my gym steam room at times at this proves to be very effect on my own skin. Showers work well too.
  3. Use a facial brush to stimulate skin. This action can at times remove lots of debris and congestion away. Sometimes this alone will get rid of blackheads. Continued efforts over a period of time (weeks) whiteheads can disappear with products that help eliminate surface layer buildup.
  4. Use an exfoliating cream that will help break down the top layer of skin. This usually consists of a cream that contains enzymes that help to emulsify the congestion in the pores. Leave on skin for about 10-20 minutes
  5. Use a lancet to slightly pierce the skin from an angle, never pierce straight down into the whitehead (should be done by a professional) If you are doing this process by yourself, you can purchase lancets at your local drug store. They are very sharp and need to be used with caution. Only piercing enough of the whitehead to create a bit of an opening.
  6. Once skin is slightly pierced use medical gauze wrapped around your finger to lightly squeeze the plug out of the pore. If this works easily continue on with any others on your skin. If this proves to not work, consult a professional. It could be possible your skin layers are too thick and you would need some chemical peels to help thin the skin for a more polished smoother surface.

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