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This blog page is dedicated to everyone who can’t believe the way our world is run sometimes. I first have to say that my intention of this page is to vent my frustration with the way companies try to fool us. My second intention is to try and address some factors of life that make us unhealthy where we might not even realize. Get out of the dark and see what is really going on. I feel I live in the dark about so many things sometimes. That is when I decided to start building this web page. I had learned so many basic things about health and wellness over the years, I felt it was necessary to tell others about what I had learned. I hope you enjoy ..I do!

First I have to say a couple of months ago I saw a commercial on tv that really bothered me. The product being sold was for a antibacterial cleaner. The cleaner was being sold as a powerful disinfectant. One which could kill germs and bacteria. A cleaner that was safe enough to use all over your home. As the commercial was airing, a woman was cleaning her baby’s tray table. The product was safe enough to use on a baby’s food tray table, so they said. So here is where I stand about why I can’t believe how our world is run sometimes. I sat in disbelief, wondering…ok…is this child now breathing in these pollutant fumes that this so called antibacterial cleaner was distributing into the air? Was this CHEMICAL so safe that is could kill germs and not hamper my child’s immune system. Was it so safe that the residue my animals licked up, safe enough to not cause them harm? Was it safe enough that it wouldn’t cause me to have asthma problems as I was cleaning. I am sorry I do not think that the company owners would really consider these as factors. I think there only concern would be there pocket book filling up with good ‘ol hard earned cash? My point is, there are so many people out there that may trust manufactures and there claims about health and wellness. Maybe that is why we have major problems with curing the common flu with the antibiotics that are over prescribed and children with so many asthma and allergy problems these days. Do we really have time to take time out and research all of the ingredients in cleaners and see just really what are we subjecting our selves and families too? Shouldn’t it be a given that companies providing these products be considerate to our gentle well being?

It doesn’t stop there. What about all the adds for milk and how great the calcium is. Geez, have we really stopped to see all the preservatives and growth hormones in these products? I am into eating organic and more natural foods however, I do not have all the time in the world to do that kind of of research on every product I purchase, especially after picking my five year old up from a long tiring day at school on a hot Arizona day. Not only is it impossible to understand the words in the ingredient lists, I do not even have access to organic and natural foods all the time. Our society has a two fold. A let’s get healthier and buy better more organic food, when our employers get stingy and do not pay us more to afford the high prices of the better health. Do not even get me started about the GE foods. What do we do?

I know there are many people out there with lots of solutions. I am interested in learning some…so we can all grow and protect ourselves from the nations large companies that just try to hide all the things we really should know, so that they may make a bigger buck.

Here are some links that may provide some alternatives to you in your progression to a healthier environment and self!

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Everything you need to know about basic nutrition

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I for one am doing my best to survive and be healthier and to make better choices. I hope you all are too :).

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