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There are many people who are still skeptical about the possibility of breasts increase with help from natural herbs. It's unrealistic to believe that certain methods of exercise will help you to gain 1-2 cup sizes within a few months. Also, it's equally unrealistic to believe that an expensive breast pump will boost your breast size to D from A in a few weeks. Nevertheless, specific herbs when used correctly may increase your breast size up to a few inches. For what it's worth, here is a homemade recipe do-it-yourself breast enlargement and we don't have to be a rocket scientist to know how.

The basic

In our human body, any plant substances that are stimulate the estrogen receptors will bring great benefits for the breasts. The challenge is to find herbs that can produce the strongest stimulation while it must has zero side effects in long terms.

Supercharge your love life with these herbs

Active ingredients found in these herbs have been shown to help breasts grow bigger: wild yam, pueraria mirifica, saw palmetto, black cohosh, fenugreek, hops, damiana and fennel seed. Perhaps the most noticeable herbs are fenugreek, wild yam and pueraria mirifica. They are very popular for use as common illness home remedies.


Fenugreek – For many centuries, fenugreek has been known to be helpful for increase milk supply with fast results within 1-3 days. The Chinese preferred to use fenugreek as a home remedy for morning sickness. Fenugreek has been used traditionally to treat diabetes, fever, coughs, congestion, high blood pressure, diarrhea, flatulence, anaemia and arthritis. It's also being used for breast enhancement with good results of fuller and firmer breasts. There are many brand name breast pill manufacturers have picked fenugreek as the main ingredient in their product.

Fenugreek supplement can be bought in most health food stores. They usually come in various forms: gelatin capsules, powder, seeds, tea and sprouts.
Suggestion: 500mg and three times per day.


Wild yam – Not to be confused with sweet potato, wild yam is actually native to North America, a few in Mexico, and through out the Far East Asia. Wild yam is helpful for liver, easy digestion and relaxing muscles. It's also reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar leves, antioxidant, help reduce cholesterol. Wild yam is a very good herb ingredient for enlarging breasts.
Suggestion: 500mg and up to 3 times daily.


Up to this point, there is no known natural breast grow has been made commercially for men. However, based on the evidence from researchs, that high levels of estrogen can cause reduced levels of testosterone, increased body fat, loss of muscle tone, it makes sense to presume that the above herbs should work for men too.

A few words of caution: When in any doubts, please follow the manufacturer's directions found on their products. Do not exceed their suggested dosage. Quit taking any herbal product immediately if you notice any adverse or abnormal effects, and seek medical help right away. The statements in this article or any other contents within this web site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please use it at your own risk.

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