Natural Lemon Astringent Recipe for Combination Skin

The lemony aroma of this home made natural astringent is very refreshing and stimulating to use on combination skin. It also helps to refreshen and lighten skin naturally. Do not use on sensitive and dehydrated skin. This recipe is great for acne skins.

Juice of half a medium sized lemon, strained

1/2 cup witch hazel

Combine ingredients in a storage container and shake well to blend. No refrigeration is required, but please use within 1 to 2 weeks, then discard.

Using a cotton pad, apply approximately 1 teaspoon to the face or more to the shoulders or back as needed throughout the day. Avoid the eyes.

Want to make one for a friend as a gift. Just put mixture into a glass bottle and add a bit of fresh herb with ribbon or twine around the top. A perfect gift for someone who loves beauty regimes.

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