Sandpaper for a Perfect DIY Pedicure from Home

Got dry, cracked, rough feet, heels or toes, or even hands? This recipe is awesome to help smooth out those rough edges!

Cornmeal is a mild abrasive and, when used in conjunction with pumice stone, exfoliates and smoothes rough, dry skin.


1/2 cup dry cornmeal

2 tablespoons avocado oil

1 pumice stone

Mix cornmeal and avocado oil. Spread on feet and rub skin with a pumice stone, concentrating on heels and callused areas. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.


Also- bonus – Secrets of the Spas tip: Working as an Aesthetician in tops spas ( 5 star ratings ) you learn a few tricks about beauty from top experts in the field. Now this tip isn't one that I ever saw practiced in the field but I learned it along the way and do it religiously in the summer and it really works.

Got rough dry heels that crack, get black or just calloused! Yes thats me, try sandpaper. You heard it. Soak your feet for a bit to get the skin softened up then pat dry. Apply a callous gel to paper towels or cotton. Apply to heels and cracked areas. Leave on for about 5 minutes. This stuff can be very slippery so be careful once you remove the product with warm water to get it all off. Pat dry and use a 20 grit or a sandpaper that is soft to the touch. A fine type grit to start. if you find that isn't enough use a courser grit. BE CAREFUL as it will smooth your feet out quickly and you do not want to have raw heels. It may not look raw but can be so be gentle. Then your heels will feel amazing. When using you will see dead skin just roll off. Its gross but amazing how it works so well!


Use this technique if you feel the cornmeal isn't enough. And Use at your own risk! 😉


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