Harvesting and Drying Herbs Naturally

You may be surprised how easy it really is to dry many herbs from your yard, garden or indoor plants. No matter which technique you choose, try to dry them as soon as they are harvested or picked. This will allow the beneficial properties of the herbs to remain stable and not diminished. Keep in mind:

Always use sharp tools when harvesting, harvest as soon as herbs and flowers are mature, watch out for bugs and insects they may have gotten ahold of any of the herbs, avoiding any that are diseased and ovoid over drying.

Hang Drying Herbs
get a bundle of your favorite herbs and secure then in a bundle with a string, rubber band or twine. The idea temperature is 65 degrees- 85 degrees. Make sure the area is well ventilated and leave room between herb bundles when hanging then upside down.

Screen Drying Herbs
Use a metal or non metal screen or netting to allow air flow through to the herbs. This will help with the evaporation of moisture. Separate the leaves, buds, flowers, berries, bark and seeds and lay them on the screen in a single layer apart from each other. Keep them partly shaded if outdoors and dry. The drying time is a few days to a few weeks. Using cheesecloth to cover the herbs is a great way to keep airborne debris away. Keep them dry.


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