Vegan Substitutes for Creams and Desserts

Vegan Substitutes for Creams and Desserts


Soya Cream:

This is usually purchased as a pouring cream, although whipped creams, creamed cheeses and soured creams are also available. 

Soya Desserts:

A ready-to-use product which is similar in appearance and taste to custart. It is available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or carob flavors.

Soya Ice Cream:

There are many soya-based ice creams which look and taste exactly like their dairy-based counterparts. They are available in a choice of flavors.


Made from soya milk, tofu (also known as beancurd) has little flavor of its own but absorbs other flavors well and is highly versatile. Firm tofu is sold in blocks, and can be seasoned and cubed for use in stews and stir-fries. A softer set tofu called "silken" tofu is a good substitute for milk or cream in soups, puddings and desserts. For a simple cream dessert, blend silken tofu with sugar or maple syrup, a little vegetable oil and a flavoring such as cocoa powder or vanilla essence. 


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