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Vegan Substitutes for Milk

Vegan Substitutes for Milk     Soya Milk: This is commonly used as a replacement for dairy milk. Various types of soya milk are available, including sweetened, unsweetened, concentrated, ready-to-drink and powdered. Flavored varieties...


Vegan Substitutes for Creams and Desserts

Vegan Substitutes for Creams and Desserts   Soya Cream: This is usually purchased as a pouring cream, although whipped creams, creamed cheeses and soured creams are also available.  Soya Desserts: A ready-to-use product which...


Combating Colon Cancer

Combating Colon Cancer We know now that eating low-fat, healthful meals lowers overall cancer risk, but can we go further to specify which foods will protect which vulnerable body parts? Yes, to a degree,...