Give Germs the Cold Shoulder

Give Germs the Cold Shoulder

No matter how carefully you clean, it's impossible to get rid of ALL the germs in your home. But you can get fewer colds and other viruses simply by insisting that everyone in the household washes his/her hands before each meal and after each trip to the bathroom. Try not to touch your hands to your eyes or mouth; if germs have no way into your body, they can't make you sick. Any yes, using a disenfectant spray on doorknobs and faucets does help preotect the rest of the family when one of you is under the weather.

Tame your Toothbrush

One place germs love to lurk us a damp toothbrush. Many viruses, including those that that cause the flu, can survive for more than 24 hours on moist bristles. Solution: Alternate between three toothbrushes, so you're using a dry toothbrush each time. If you do come down with a bad cold, replace all of them once you revoer, just to be safe. Don't like the idea of so many toothbrushes? Use one and rinse it daily with hydrogen peroxide or mouthwash. 

Expunge Germs from your Sponge

Like toothbrushes, kitchen sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. It's also possible to transfer food-borne bugs, such as salmonella and campylobacter, from sponges used to wipe countertops and cutting boards to dishes and cookware. To be safe, change your sponge every week and always allow it to air-dry between uses. It's also a good idea to disinfect your sponge with a mixture of one quart of water and one oz of bleach.

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