Vegan Substitutes for Eggs

Vegan Substitutes for Eggs


Dairy eggs that are not eaten on their own are used primarily to bind a dish or to lighten it, when air is whipped into the egg before it is mixed with other ingredients. Eggs are widely used in cooking, but there are many ways to replace them.


Mashed potato or a thick stocks can be used to bind veggie burgers, nut roasts and other savoury dishes. Soya milk or soya desserts can be used to bind sweet dishes or cakes.

Raising Agents:

Baking powder, or a mix of cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda (which is ideal for chocolate cakes) are successful raising agents.

Whole eggs replacers:

Seasoned firm tofu is commonly used as a straight replacement for whole eggs to make quiches, flans and eggless "scrambled eggs".

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