Natural Prescription / Remedy for Anxiety

Natural Prescription / Remedy for Anxiety

Theanine: 200 mg

Also Useful:

GABA: 200 to 500 mg (combined with theanine in ZEN available at

Inositol: 500 to 1500 mg

Magnesium: 400 to 800 mg a day


Note: All dosages are daily and in pill or capsule form unless otherwise noted: always follow the direction of your physician.


historically, theanine has been used for its ability to reduce anxiety and its overall calming effects to those with anxiety. Theamine also improves mood and increases a sense of relaxation. Green tea is a good resource of theanine also.

Treating anxiety in these natural ways not only helps you to maintain a healthier immune system but can increase your happiness in life in general with less anxiety.

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