Ultrasonic Dual Mist Oil Diffuser Now Solutions

Ultrasonic Dual Mist Oil Diffuser Now Solutions


I just purchased this oil diffuser and boy am I glad I did! Within a few minutes after fill and me turning it on, I smelled the beautiful essential oils I placed inside wafting through the room. The diffuser has a quiet hum, colored lights that change slowly and a setting for up to three hours of misting.


A few recipes that came with the unit:


Daily balance
Add the following oils to a diffuser and enjoy:

2 drops of Geranium Oil
2 drops Rose Absolute Oil
2 drops Clary Sage Oil


3 drops Lavender Oil
3 drops Peppermint Oil
3 drops Chamomile Oil



1 drop Tea Tree Oil
1 drop Grapefruit Oil
10 drops Lemon Oil


10 drops Lemongrass Oil
5 drops Lemon Oil
1 drop Eucalyptus Oil



10 drops Orange Oil
25 drops Vanilla Concentrate Oil


1 drop Peppermint Oil
1 drop Rosemary Oil
2 drops Cinnamon Leaf Oil


The Key product features on this item are :

  • quiet
  • easy to clean
  • just add tap water and essential oils
  • cool steam
  • No heat involved / no risk of burns
  • Automatically shuts off
  • BPA – free
  • 3 timer settings 1 HR, 2 HR, 3 HR
  • Runs up to 16 HR Intermittent / 8 HR Continuous
  • Great for home or office
  • 1 year warranty
  • Run life 5000+ Hours
  • 2 Directional Mist Nozzles Rotate 360 degrees
  • Rotating LED lights

This diffuser covers 400 sq feet. I have to say that I could smell the essential oils from other rooms in my house after letting it run for even 30 minutes in a small room with the door open.

I am very pleased with this item and happy that I was able to purchase it to help the healing health of my family. This flu season – lavender and Eucalyptus oils are very helpful in killing any nasty germs that try to come ion our home air.


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