Spa Secrets to Supercharge Your Metabolism

Celebrities, politicians, million-dollar earning film stars, and the ultra wealthy women in Maine, are lucky to have the experiences of revitalization from hidden secret spas. The spas swear that the top metabolism boosters are all natural and help to supercharge your metabolism, cleanse away toxic wastes, and emerge looking and feeling youthfully alert and energetic. As an Aesthetician for 15 years I agree with all of these tips and find that just applying one simple new tip into your life one at a time is easier than doing them all at once. This has proven to be more effective and the success rate is higher.

  1. Avoid white sugar from the bowel or in foods of any sort. (Especially High Fructose)
  2. Avoid white flour from any source. ( substitute with rice, quinoa, or corn)
  3. Avoid any greasy foods-potato chips and french fries, for example. ( natural health food stores now carry a wide variety of healthier options made from lentils and rice)
  4. Avoid greasy meats – and most meats that contain cell-destroying nitrates. (seek out natural meats at your local natural health food stores)
  5. Avoid sugar – in cereals and in any other foods. (cane sugar if you must)
  6. Avoid all cola drinks or bottled beverages made with or without chemical sweeteners. Drink plain seltzer. 
  7. Avoid any artificial or chemical sweeteners (if it ends is "ose" avoid, ex- fructose, sucralose…etc)
  8. Avoid any hardened (hydrogenated) fats
  9. Avoid any frozen dinners.
  10. Avoid any flat-tasting or overcooked foods; instead, opt for slightly steamed foods. Keep cooking to a minimum.

Also, try juicing vegetables. In a pinch when i find myself wanting to eat or pig out because I am so hungry. Instead I will juice some celery, apples, cucumber, kale, carrots and ginger. After a few minutes of drinking about an 4 to 8 oz glass, my hunger pains have diminished and it allows me to cook a more health conscious meal while not starving. 

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