Why You Should Avoid Refined Sugar

Sweets and starches from overly processed and presweetened foods will dump an overload of sugar into your system with the roar of a roller coaster. You get an initial rush as blood sugar levels shoot to a high crest. Your pancreas tries to cope with the sugar overdose by pouring forth extra insulin, a hormone that withdraws sugar from the blood. Suddenly, you plummet downward on this sugar roller coaster. You have a sudden and shocking drop in blood sugar. The first remedy is to avoid refined sugars and starches. Reading ingredient labels will be your first defense against ingesting refined sugars. Sugar does not only hide in sugary snack foods and candy. You will be surprised to learn sugar can hide in everyday food items you wouldn't think about. Bread, sauces, pastas and even healthy choices like fruit. Try to consume ingredients that are made from pure can sugar. 

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