5 Steps for Day Long Super Energy

Are you feeling sluggish during the day everyday? Do you find it hard to make it through the day wide eyed and chipper? Here are some tips on helping boost your energy through out the entire day.

  1. keep s dsily log of what you eat. Do not fool yourself. Eliminate foods that are heavy and burdensome such as refined sugary sweets, caffeine, and fats. Be honest!
  2. Balance caloric intake with emphasis on complex carbohydrates, proteins, and minimal fats in each meal, beginning with breakfast. Feature fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. 
  3. Plan Ahead. Bring along energy-boosting snacks for a midday pickup instead of sweets. Tips: A container of fresh fruit or vegetable chunks sprinkled with your favorite herbal seasonings is always energizing. Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese with wheat germ or bran and fruit or vegetable pieces will fill you up and give you a lasting energy supply.
  4. Say "No" to caffeine, sugar, and alcohol to guard against roller coaster mood swings. Diet sodas may increase sugar cravings so try water flavored with a spritz or lemon or lime juice… five to six glasses throughout the day.
  5. Keep moving. You body and mind need lots oxygen-it's the "flame" used to burn calories. Exercise accelerates oxygen consumption. If you feel groggy, take a 15-minute walk (or longer). It washes away fatigue (and tension) and sends a fresh flow of energy-boosting blood streaming throughout your brain and body.

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