Natural Born Killers – Gardening tips for a natural garden

Nature regulates itself. A garden dependent upon artificial fertilizers and pesticides is flawed in design. Fertilizers, synthesized from fossil fuels or dug up from phosphate-rich Pacific Islands, can harm native wildlife by promoting the growth of weeds that compete for resources. When washed into lakes, rivers, and streams, they encourage algal growth, killing fish. Pesticides, meanwhile, kill beneficial insects along with pests, can directly harm other species, and pose a threat to humans when they accumulate in the food chain. Fertilizers, when applied improperly, can contaminate ground and surface water. Choose eco-efficient gardening solutions. Native plants will thrice without fertilizer. Insect-eating animals and complementary planting of natural herbicides will reduce the need for pesticides. Use an organic pesticide made out of hot pepper, garlic or chili to control aphids and caterpillars. 


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