DIY Rescue Remedy Recipe

Rescue Remedy can be bought as a liquid or as a cream. It is made from equal amounts of the five following essences:

  • Cherry Plum – for feelings of desperation
  • Rock Rose – to erase terror, fear, or panic
  • Impatiens – to soothe irritability and agitation
  • Clematis – to counteract the tendency to drift away from the present
  • Star of Bethlehem -to address the mental and physical symptoms of shock

Together, these flower essences make a safe mental sanctuary in which to recover. Carry Rescue Remedy with you for all emergencies.

USE: Rescue Remedy rebalances the body after any emotional or physical upset. It should be taken when a person feels in need of rescue, is unsettled, or is not quite in step with himself or herself. This may be after a shock, an accident, an argument, a trying even like a divorce or separation, or any circumstances which has demanded supreme nervous effort. Rescue must take place before salvage and restoration.

Rescue Remedy speeds healing after surgery.

Use Rescue Remedy cream after sunburn, cuts, bruises, or damage from accidents.

Rescue Remedy can be added to any skin wash, douche, or compress if some element of rescue is needed. This method is also useful if nothing is allowed by mouth.

Rescue Remedy can also be given before a trying event, examination, court, hospital test, etc., to minimize the trauma. It is for all emergencies; always carry a small bottle with you.

ADD 2 drops of each constituent Flower Remedy to a 1 fl oz (30 ml) bottle of brandy.

A cream can be made at home by adding 4 drops of stock Rescue Remedy to a favorite skin cream or neutral base, then adding 2 drops of Crab Apple.


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