Irresistible Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

This strawberry Lemonade recipe is delicous anytime of year. I make this recipe all the time for my kids. They love the flavor and it is healthier than sodas and fruit punches full of processed sugars. I love this recipe mostly because of how simple it is. Try using cane sugar too as its a healthier sugar then bleached white sugar. 

2 cups Lemon Juice (try using fresh lemons, however juice from a store is fine to)

2.5 cups cane sugar (can be purchased at any health food store – stevia is a good option too)

2 cups fresh strawberries ( fresh is best, frozen is fine too) 

12 cups of water

Best part, mix it all together is a glass pitcher and done!  If you would like to add sprigs of anything fancy go ahead… I like adding a mint leafs!

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