Simple Running Tips

Running can be very enjoyable if approached the right way. I started training for my first marathon 6 months ago. I ran on a pretty good schedule with only a few weeks that had hiccups in the routine. A few simple tips I think may help new runners in their adventure in running a half marathon or even around the block are listed below! If you have any you would like me to include, send me a message!

  1. Invest in great shoes. My advice is to go to a running store that specializes in running shoes. They will have treadmills that you can run on so that they can analyze how you run so that the correct shoe for your running style can be fitted just right. Trust me, to avoid injuries that can stay with you for a lifetime, this is a necessity you will be so happy you invested in. 
  2. Wear the right clothes. No cotton. Wear clothes that wik moisture away from the body. Base layers are the most important clothes that should be made from materials that wik well. Who doesn't love a good comfortable, durable, and attractive outfit. 
  3. Wear proper socks. Its all about the gear to start. Wearing socks that are fitted well, absorb moisture and keep your feet dry as well as stay on your feet and not ride down under your heels. They will prevent lots of irritation, bunching up and blisters. 
  4. Lube up! Protect all those spots that may rub on each other with a product designed to protect the skin. All running stores carry a product that is made for preventing friction on the skin while running. Try vasaline also, works really well. Just in case your not sure… protect those nipples, inbetween the legs, under and around arm pits, anywhere where your shirt  or bottoms may rub, that includes the butt cheeks and labia ladies. Men protect those jewels too. Its not that talked about but those body parts rub too and its painful when they get chaffed. 

Most importantly have a fun time. Once you are all geared up find a routine or schedule that works well for you. This will help you to stick to your plan and will allow you to run pressure free. 

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