All Natural Herbal Head Lice Treatment

Kids get lice, lets face it. It doesn't mean your kid is dirty, just that they have contracted head lice. Here is a great all natural remedy for treating head lice. This treatment is desined for kids over 6 years of age. The recipe may be to strong for younger kiddos scalps. Always perform a test patch before applying. 


10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops juniper or cedarwood essential oil
5 drops geranium essential oil
5 drops rosemary essential oil
2 drops lemon essential oil
1/4 cup soybean or extra-virgin, unrefined coconut base oil

Put the eucalyptus, juniper, geranium, rosemary, and lemon essential oils drop by drop directly into a 2-ounce glass bottle. Add the base oil. (if you choose coconut oil and it is solid, warm it over very low heat in a tiny saucepan until it os liquefield.) Screw the top on the bottle and shake vigorously for 2 minutes to blend.

Since this is a rather potent essential oil blend, always do a test patch before using this formulation on your child or yourself. Place 20 drops of the formula directly on the back of the neck at the base of the scalp, and rub it into the skin. Leave for 12 hours. If no stinging, itching, or redness results, proceed with treatment. A little tingling is to be expected when the oil is first applied; this is normal. 

Shake well before using. Drape a towel over the child's shoulders to catch any oil that might run down the neck. With the chil'd eyes closed, gently massage the entore amount of oil into the scalp and down th length of the hair, taking care to avoid the face and eyes. Once done cover the head with a shower cap and wrap with a towel. Allow mixture to stay on head for 1-2 hours. Once done, comb the hair for 10 minutes. Once complete, shampoo the hair without getting the hair wet, work up a lather then apply water. Rinse with water and a bit of lavender added. Condition the hair if desired. Repeat the treatment every other day for 1 one week making a fresh bath each time. 


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