Herbal First Aid – Using Herbs for Everyday Ailments

sed are a number of very useful items that can be made into a herbal first-aid kit to help in case of minor accidents and injuries. Herbs can provide very quick and effective first aid if applied immediately, and are safe to use with children. Symptoms like severe shock, burns, bleeding, or respiratory problems should always be medically assessed and treated.

  1. Aloe Vera 
    The gel from the leaves of the aloe plant is very soothing and cooling. helpful for minor burns, sunburn, skin rashes, itching, and nettle rash. It can be used as often as needed. It is best sourced from good health food stores.
  2. Arnica
    This relative of calendula is best used in homeopathic form, either as tiny tablets or as a cream. Taken orally and applied to the skin immediately, it helps minimize bruising, pain, and swelling after local injury. it should be applied to unbroken skin. The pills can also be taken before operations to minimize bruising.
  3. Calendula
    The flowers, either fresh or dried, are a main standby in herbal first aid. Commercially prepared calendula cream is very useful, or if you grow your own plant you can make your own ointment or herbal oil balm. Strong infusion of the flowers is very useful to clean wounds, cuts, and grazes and as a cool compress for minor burns, sunburn, or eczema.
  4. Camomile
    A standard infusion is excellent as a skin wash, cleanser, and cool compress for itching, inflamed skin or eczema, as well as a soothing herbal tea for insomnia and tension.
  5. Comfrey
    A standard infusion disinfects and cleanses cuts or scratches as an ointment, it helps bruising, sprains, and fractures. 
  6. Echinacea
    This is a vital ingredient in the kit; the tincture is most useful, as an antimicrobial cleanser (30 drops in generous 3/4 cup water) and as an immune-boosting aid against infection; it can also be taken as a preventive during the wintertime for colds and flu.
  7. Eyebright
    Fresh or dried leaves and flowers can be made into a standard infusion, which is very soothing as a compress for eye problems such as irritation, soreness, or itching.
  8. Horsetail
    A strong infusion is very helpful to clean deep cuts and stop bleeding, and can also be used as a compress.
  9. Lavender 
    The essential oil is an excellent treatment for burns, cuts, grazes, insect bites, and headaches (use 2-3 drops neat on absorbent cotton pad applied directly). 
  10. Rescue Remedy
    This combination of 5 Bach flower remedies is a very safe treatment for shock and anxiety ( use 4 drops under the tongue, or 4-6 drops in generous 3/4 cup water, sipped slowly).
  11. Tea Tree
    The essential oil is powerfully disinfectant and antimicrobial; use 2-3 drops neat on an absorbent cotton pad applied directly to bee and wasp stings, mosquito or other insect bites, spots, boils, warts, or fungal infections, it can be inhaled (use 4 drops in generous 2 cups boiling water) during colds and flu to fight infection and clear the chest.

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