Top Herbs for Acne Skin Care

I have written so many blog posts on acne and always come up with more great information on how to cure this age old condition. There are so many ways to help fight acne, these herbs are just another option to add to your regime to help support and build a health immune system and clear skin.

  1. Alternatives such as clover and nettle, to cleanse and detoxify generally
  2. Anti-allergics like yarrow, Roman or German camomile, or marigold to reduce itching, redness , and heat resulting from nettlerash, prickly heat, or minor skin allergies.
  3. Anti-inflammatories such as camomile and comfrey, to soothe soreness. Also- a bit of ice wrapped in a paper towel placed on the acne to help reduce swelling and increase blood flow to the area never hurt.
  4. Antimicrobials such as thyme and echinacea to fight infection.
  5. Cytophylactics such as lavender and myrtle for healthy skin growth.
  6. Diuretics such as yarrow and nettle, to help elimination of waste products via the kidneys.
  7. Hormone balancers such as fennel, agnus, castus, or clary sage to balance hormonal fluctuations leading to skin blemishes.
  8. Sedatives such as lemon balm and sweet marjoram, to ease stress.
  9. Vulneraries such as horsetail and oat, to promote wound healing.

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