Stress and Renewal

I just spent a weekend in Arizona in June and I have to say coming from Oregon it was quite intense. Even though I have had many years living there, 23, the heat took me by surprise. I also, noticed my sinuses acting up. The air quality there is not for the weak heart. Its smoggy, dusty and dry. The heat, of course is hot, but being away for a few years, I noticed it was more intense than I remember. In the evening it did cool off once the sun went down, but I still tried to stay inside in the nice cool air. I also noticed I felt more drained, emotionally and physically. I think it was from the lack of nature and heat. I also noticed I started getting more cotton mouth and dry lips. I drank more water and grabbed some lip balm at the local stores. I was surprised the environment took such a toll on me. I am convinced that the cooler air and wetter environment here are more nurturing to the body. I feel more nourished here. I came home and took a run for a few miles and boy did it help me. Seems my ears have collected a bit of fluid from the runny nose, but I think it will go away fast. Bottom line, health wise, Arizona is not for me. Its amazing to know that just a few days spent in a different environment could effect me so much. I am so happy to be home! 

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