Green Tips For A Wedding

Is it possible? To celebrate one of the most important days of your lives in the world of over consumption and wastefulness? YES!

I have just started planning a wedding and had a few realizations that changed my whole attitude on the style, size and type of wedding I would like to have. Then I decided I would write about it to help spread the word that you can have a beautiful, enjoyable, amazing, and memorable wedding with less impact on the earth!

Here are some ideas my fiance and myself came up with!

Organic Foods (Supporting Local Farmers) Here is a link to our National List of Organic Stores.

Online Web Site for Wedding Invitation, Save The Dates, Maps, Registry, and Info. (Instead of Paper Invitations) Keep in mind when ordering invitations if you are wanting the traditional style, there are many options out there. Papers that are recycled and look just as beautiful. No bleaches, no harmed trees and no other resources used in the delivering of the invitations.

Organic Woven Material Gift Boxes (Replacing any paper gift items)

Outdoor Venues. Having a wedding in a State Park, National Forest or protected land (with permission of course) can not only be a way to support the areas but uses less resources like electricity. Keep in mind here too that your group will want to not leave a heavy impact on that land by being respectful and leaving it just as it was when you arrived.

Carpooling. Have all your invites that know each other carpool. Not only will it create more bonding, it could allow more people who have not yet met to create new relationships. This can be something your request or design as part of your transportation assist. Scheduling particular people to ride together. Maybe this is a good time to set some people up on a meet and greet! Also, if rental cars are needed think HYBRID!

Organic Styling Products and Make Up. As an Aesthetician of 12 years, not only is it important for your skin to feel and look amazing, supporting companies that supply organic products creates a better impact on the environment.

We have only listed a few ideas that we are currently working on. If you have others we would love to hear them.

Going eco-friendly for a wedding can be done with grace. Supporting your environment will only create a more loving place for you and your family to enjoy later!

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