6 Tips on How To Be An Awesome Dad!

Here are six tips to being an awesome dad to your children. Let your children know how much you care by following these 6 tips!

Show Lots Of Love

Hug your children often, starting when they are infants. As they grow older, applaud their accomplishments. Affection and praise can help you build a strong relationship and give your child a positive sense of self-worth.

Set A Good Example

Little eyes see all you do, from how you treat their mother to how you handle life’s problems.


Spending time together shows kids they’re important. Occasionally, that might mean giving up some of your activities. Just remember the value of spending time with your kids. Childhood happens only once – there are no do-over’s.

Earn The Right To Be Heard

Talk with your children – and not just when they’ve done something wrong. Begin when they’re young, and do so often. Really listen, too. This helps build trust, which will encourage your kids to listen when you offer guidance as they grow older.

Discipline With Love

The right kind of discipline helps children lean limits. Teach your kids that actions have consequences. Reward good behavior. When they don’t do things as you’d expect, control your emotions. Never yell at or hit them.

Be A Teacher

Look for ways to help children learn life lessons. For example, you can encourage young children to dress themselves or pick up toys. This helps them become self-sufficient. Talk with older kids about alcohol, drugs and peer pressure. Gradually give them chances to make decisions. This helps prepare them for adulthood.

No one is perfect, just always keep working to be the best parent you can be. Spending time with your children helps to create trust and comfort.

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