5 Meditation Tips for Beginners

The physical benefits of meditation are easily quantifiable and plenty of research documentation exists. Those include relaxation, improvement of sleeping patterns, lowering high blood pressure, helping recovery from fatigue and a general beneficial effect on most stress-related disease.

Try these simple tips for meditation for a more simple experience

  1. Move your attention to the crown of the head, imagine a point of energy there. Notice what sensations you feel. Feel these two points align, connected by a line of light, inside the body near the spine. Allow the energy to move freely between these two points.
  2. Let your attention come to rest at a point of balance along this line, deep within your being, at the center of your being.
  3. From this center of your being, imagine the line of light extending downward through your legs and feet, relaxing the toes and sinking into the earth. Breathing our, let all tension and fatigue run down this line into the earth.
  4. Breathing in, imagine drawing up, through the soles of your feet, fresh, transformed earth energy. Allow it to fill your whole body from the feet up to the crown of your head, bringing a feeling of being supported and cradled by the solidity of the earth. Return your attention and your breathing to the center of your being. Imagine the line of light rising to the crown of your head and above, out into the clear blue sky, to the heavens. Breathe in fresh air.
  5. Allow light and clearness from the heavens to radiate down the line of light to fill the whole body. Breather into the center of your being and feel the two energies, from the earth and the sky,m mingling. From this center let your attention be on your breath moving in and out (using one of the focuses suggested above).

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