Natural Treatments for Nosebleeds in Children

Children get nosebleeds from time to time. Dry air, allergies or colds can be common reasons for getting nosebleeds. Here are a few remedies to help when children are afflicted with one.

  1. Aromatherapy – Soak a pad of cotton wool in cold, or even iced water with a couple of drops of Lemon oil added, and place firmly across the bridge of the nose. A more effective method is to place a small piece of this as a plug in the affected nostril. The essential oil helps to speed up clotting. Sometimes placing a cold compress on the back of the neck can be helpful in reducing the local blood flow too.
  2. Herbalism – The herb of choice is Yarrow even its Latin name is derived from its supposed use by Achilles in stemming bleeding from his heel. Make an infusion and cool with ice-cubes, soak a pad in the mixture and place firmly across the bridge of the nose. The tincture can also be used, 15 ml (1 tbsp) in 300 ml (1/2 pt/1 1/4 cups) of cold water, as can distilled Witch Hazel. Traditionally, a leaf would be ┬áplaced in the nostril to act as a plug, the finely divided leaflets acting as a mesh for the blood platelets to produce a clot; however, removing this leaf often starts the nosebleed off again, so it it not particularly recommended.
  3. Naturopathy – In the first instance, get the person to sit down and lean forward slightly, pinching the soft part of the nose firmly between forefinger and thumb for several minutes. An ice-cube or better still a pad of cotton wool soaked in iced water, can he be held in place over the area too, to astringe the swollen blood vessels further.


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