Get rid of Cold Sores Naturally

Cold Sores painful, annoying and downright lame when they pop up. A virus herpes simplex, that many of us carry. People have cold sore reactions in many different ways. Here are some top simple remedies for cold sores.
A simple yet highly effective home remedy is to apply freshly squeezed lemon juice to the cold sore, at the first signs of the problem. For a drying effect, you may find good quality eau-de-Cologne dabbed on and left to dry can be useful. It is often helpful to take a short course of Vitamin B complex supplement, backed up by zinc (10-15 mg daily) and Vitamin C (500 mg daily). This is especially true when cold sores are recurring frequently, since these nutrients help to boost the immune system generally, as well as enhancing our ability to cope with chronic stress.

lemon slice

lemon slice

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