Natural Common Cold Remedies

To help fight the viral infection that causes the common cold, our favorite go to remedy is Garlic, Goldenseal and Echinacea. Golden seal is a natural choice because it's loaded with berberine, a botanical antibiotic. Make an infusion from a teaspoon of dried goldenseal and hot water. Let the mixture steep for 10 minutes before straining. Drink three cups a day until you bounce back. As an alternative, take one-half to one teaspoon of goldenseal tincture twice a day. Simpler still, goldenseal capsules are available at health food stores – and increasingly at drugstores as well. Look for good quality and reputable brands for your natural health care pantry. At first sign of the sniffles or a stuffy feeling in your head, crack open the echinacea. This popular herbal cold remedy stimulates the immune system to fight infection before it causes congestions, chills and the need to pull the covers over your head. Take one to three capsules every two hours for best results as soon as symptoms start.. Waiting too long can render the treatment ineffective, as can taking echinacea for long periods of time – it is most effective with short-term use. Good ol' garlic! The jury is still out if garlic can ward off eveil spirits and vampires, but some alternative practitioners believe that garlic can help fight the common cold. Chew or swallow a whole clove every couple of hours. The goal when you have a bad cold? You want to have garlic breath. if this is not your goal 😉 try capsules of garlic that are not geared towards smelly breath.

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