Ants, Roaches, and Fleas be Gone Natural Remedy

Ants, Roaches, and Fleas be Gone Natural Remedy

Juice of 4 lemons, or more for ants
2 quarts (2 liters) water


Just as vampires allegedly loathe garlic, many insects appear to despise the power of lemon juice, especially roaches, fleas, and ants. To get rid of roaches and fleas, make an effective floor-washing solution by adding the lemon juice (along with the rinds) to the watrer. Scrub the floor thoroughly and watch the critters scatter. Alternately, if ants are your problem, squirt fresh lemon juice around all their points of entry (doorways, windowsills, small holes, and cracks along the floorboards). For extra measure, chop the lemon peels into small pieces and leave them just outside your door.

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