Acid Reflux Remedies

General Diet Advice for knocking out acid reflux naturally.

Drink warm liquids – Drink warm liquids with meals instead of ice drinks. Cold temperatures inactivate your digestive enzymes. Save ice drinks for between meals. 

Recommended Supplements 

Plant based enzymes – Take plant based enzymes ( not animal sourced ) to help digest your food. Complete GEST enzymes (Enzymatic Therapy) are excellent. Take 2 capsules with each meal to help digest your food properly. If the enzymes are irritating to the stomach, wait til your stomach feels better on the licorice and mastic gum (see below) before resuming the enzymes.

Licorice – Licorice 380mg (not the sugar free one) Take 2 tablets 20 minutes before meals. 

Mastic gum – 1,000 mg twice a day for 1-2 months, then as needed. Can kill the H Pylori infection in your stomach.


Herbal Remedies for Heartburn Relief

Use an herbal remedy for heartburn relief.

Vitmamin C – If test show that you have an H Pylori infection in your stomach, your physician will give you an antibiotic regimen to take which may end the indigestion and is a good idea to use. Take 500-1000 mg a day of vitamin C with the antibiotics to increase their effectiveness. 

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