The Gluten Free Pantry

Cooking Gluten Free is easier if you keep these staples on hand:


beans and lentils
chickpea flour
corn grits
cornmeal and cornstarch
corn tortillas and taco shells
GF cereal (corn and/or rice)
GF flour blends 
GF mixes for your favorite brownies, cookies or muffins
GF pasta in various shapes
GF soy sauce
rice (arborio rice, basmati rice, wild rice)
rice flour (brown, white and sweet rice flour)
rice noodles
tapioca flour
wild rice
xanthan gum


Supermarket Savvy

Before you rush off to buy a cupboard full of specialty products, remember that most basic ingredients are naturally gluten-free. You can pick up any sort of fresh produce, meat or fish without worrying. However, regular macaroni and cheese from a box and fish sticks are no longer on your list. You will want to stock up on some staples so that you're prepared to eat well. Five years ago a health food store was the only place to buy special GF items. Today most supermarkets offer just about everything you need. There are also many reliable online sources that are worth checking out. 

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