Natural Treatment for Burns with Herbalism

In herbal practice Lavender (Lavandula vera) oil will most likely be used. Another option for minor burns is Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil, a couple of drops applied to prevent blistering. If available, fresh Aloe vera gel is an excellent first-aid treatment for burns and scalds. Break open a leaf and spread the thick gel directly on to the burn – again, this can produce completely scar-free healing if done as soon as possible. Other possibilities are infusions of Chamomile or Marigold applied on a smooth dressing. Marigold cream may be sued after some time has elapsed to ease continuing inflammation and soreness. 

As a child, I experienced my young sister, who was 2 at the time, place her tiny hand onto a standing heater. Her hand immediately swelled and fresh gel from an Aloe Vera plant was rubbed all over her hand with gauze placed around it. The gel was reapplied many times and her hand healed with no scars. I was truly amazed and have forever believed in the power of Aloe!


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