Treat Hay Fever Naturally

Hay Fever is an allergic reaction, which can be triggered not just by grass pollens but in some people by various flower or tree pollens too. It is often seen together with other allergic reactions such as asthma and/ or eczema, and if  it is not relieved by the suggested self-help approaches, then seek qualified treatment. Practitioners may well start to act preventively before the hay fever season.

Aromatherapy: Simply sniffing a drop or two of an essential oil may be the best method; steam inhalations can be used but might be too hot for some people. You may well need to vary the oils used through the hay fever season, as they can become less effective if used for too long. Choose Chamomile, Tea Tree, Pine, Melissa or Eucalyptus. 

Herbalism: Two herbs are very helpful in reducing the symptoms of hay fever: Chamomile and Eyebright. Make an infusion of Chamomile, when cool soak a couple of cotton pads and place them on your eyes. An infusion can be used in two ways; firstly as a tea taken 2 to 3 times a day to reduce inflammation and excess mucus, secondly, by soaking pads of cotton wool in a cooled infusion and placing on the eyelids to soothe sore, irritated eyes.

Naturopathy: Reduce muscos production by cutting out dairy products and when symptoms are severe, take high levels of Vitamin C ( up to 2,000 mg per day unless diarrhea occurs) to act as a natural anti-histamine. Rinse out the eyes with an eye bath using cooled distilled water or a proprietary eyewash, to give temporary relief- you can also ease the nose by sniffing up distilled water to wash out the pollens. 


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