Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Many of us think that the moment we step foot in our home away from all the outdoor pollutants that we are home free. Well your not, study's show that more and more homes are producing health concerns like asthma, flu-like symptoms and ear, eye and throat irritations. Here are a few quick easy tips to reduce indoor pollution:


Keep windows and doors open on windy days. Circulating air will help force out built up stale air in your home.

Most air fresheners have chemicals in them that over time form formaldehyde. Let's just say.. not good. Try to use all natural air fresheners like vanilla on cotton balls, indoor plants that produce sweet fragrances and natural essential oils. 

Try keeping shoes out of home maybe in a mud room or garage in a basket. Shoes carry in chemicals, dirt and bacteria into your home and spread.

Cooking using your stove creates small amounts of carbon monoxide, try grilling outdoors to mix it up or use your stove fan to help pull out cooking heat from kitchen. 

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