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Alternative Medicine for the Prostate

Men have health concerns as well as women, and some alternative therapies are perfect for any man with prostate problems. 

Here is a quick list of a few that we have found popular in the treatment of prostate issues. 



  • Detoxification, Fasting, and Colon Therapy for Enlarged Prostate — A short-term cleansing diet may eliminate some of the causes of an enlarged prostate including constipation (possibly bowel toxicity) and waste products in the blood.
  • Environmental Medicine for Enlarged Prostate — Pesticides and other chemicals have been linked to prostate growth. A whole-foods, organic diet can bolster the body against these toxins.
  • Homeopathy for Enlarged Prostate — Several remedies can be helpful, but chronic problems with the prostate require a professional homeopath who can tailor the remedy to the individual's symptoms.
  • Hydrotherapy for Enlarged Prostate — Alternating hot and cold water sprays or sitz baths can offer pain relief.
  • Yoga for Enlarged Prostate — Breathing exercises and postures can reduce stress, provide exercise, and balance the energy flow.

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