Green Tip #3

Donate your weekend shave~

Save on water, foam, and balm by forgoing your daily shaving ritual at the weekend. Your partner might object to your stubble, but just remind them, it’s all for the greater good…

extra tip:

Why Stubble Works?

Recent studies indicate that men having stubble are perceived as tough, aggressive, masculine, mature and dominant. This automatically increases their desirability for short as well as long-term relationships. Today’s women who are extremely masculine, as is associated with the bearded look, or are too immature, as is associated with a clean shaven look, but the desire is increasingly getting shifted towards a post-pubertal, mature and balanced masculinity, as is perceived in case of men having a stubble.

The explanation behind this preference is still unclear but human evolution experts suggest that stubble boosts the lower jaw’s apparent size, leading to the teeth becoming too prominent looking, as weapons.

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