7 Tips for Traveling with Kids

There is not one parent out there that I know of that loves screaming, bickering, fighting, tired, anxious kids in the back seat of a car on a road trip! So we have listed some of our favorite tips for traveling with children.

  1. pack dollar store finds in the glove box and every few hours pull a new trinket or toy out for them to be entertained. Works like a charm
  2. pack your snacks and drinks in hands reach so when the meltdowns start you are quick to resolve the heated tempers.
  3. have movie players, play stations, psp's, anything that will allow your child to play a video game, watch a movie or listen to music to help the time pass.
  4. Find games online that are fun and entertaining for all ages on the road trip.
  5. Pack pillows and blankets for the car ride so when you child gets tired they can rest their heads and cover up. Sometimes we find our children hide under the covers (buckled up of course) to create "forts".
  6. Make frequent stops for you children and yourself to stretch and get a little fresh air outside. The quick change in your environment will help you to refocus and everyone gets a new perspective.
  7. Plan your road trip to only last 6-8 hours max per day. Anything longer can really stir up havoc on little ones. Their tolerance for sitting in a car is a lot shorter than adults.

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