Tips for Avoiding Beverages That are packed With GMO’s

Tips for Avoiding Beverages That are packed With GMO's

The good news is, since papaya is the only whole fruit that is genetically engineered, most juices are made from GE-free fruit. On the other hand, the prevalence of corn-based sweeteners in fruit juices is cause for concern. Similary many sodas are primarily comprised of water and corn syrup – there is a high probability that these drinks contain genetically engineered ingredients.


  • Look for 100-percent juice blends )except thos containing papaya juice).
  • Buy beverages sweetened with sugar rather than corn syrup or aspartame.
  • Keep an eye out for corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup in children's drink mixes, juice boxes, and drink pouches.
  • Unsweetened drinks and products sweetened with fruit, cane juice, cane sugar, honey, or other non-corn ingredients are safe.
  • Tart juices like cranberry or grapefruit most likely contain a sweetener, while juices made from naturally sweet fruits such as apples or oranges are easier to find unsweetened.
  • Beverages labeled "natural" are not guaranteed to be GE free.
Choose certified organic juices and sodas; avoid those containing corn syrup, aspartame, and other corn- or soy-derived ingredients. 

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