Relieve PMS Instantly Naturally

Need some quick and simple natural tools for relieving PMS, look no further!

A cup of TEA
The ritual of tea is psychologically comforting, but that’s not all. Brew a cup using ginger, dandelion, and juniper, and you have a natural diuretic that will help you lose some of the bloat. Fill a teapot, with boiling water, add three slices of ginger and a teaspoon each of dried dandelion and juniper and brew for five to 15 minutes. Drink several times per day. Green tea is also a natural diuretic. If caffeine in black and green tea seems to make you more irritable, try the caffeine-free versions.

A bounce in your STEP
Putting your sneakers on is the hardest step. But walking, (or swimming, biking, or any other form of aerobic exercise) 30 minutes most days will lift you mood and give you more energy.

Increasing your exposure to natural bright light for at least 30 minutes a day is very effective at decreasing mood-related symptoms like depression and irritability.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Lie down with your eyes closed. Inhale, and tense your feet as hard as you can for eight seconds. Then release as you exhale, imagining pain and stress, floating away, paying attention to how different tension and relaxation are. Rest for 15 seconds. Then repeat with your calves, proceeding body part by body part.

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