The Perfect Blowout

You can do it yourself, the perfect hair blowout at home with out salon costs. Here's how:


Certain hairstyles come and go but swingy, smooth, polished strands always look hot.


  • Run a dollop of smoothing cream through damp locks, then use jaw clips to separate your hair into four to six sections. Decide now if you want to make a center or a side part and arrange accordingly. Start blow-drying at the area closest to your neck.
  • Stylists use a rolling round brush technique to create ultrasmooth results. Here's how to do it: Grab a 2-inch section of hair then nestle a large round brush into the roots; the bristles should go deep inside the hair. Pull the brush all the way down the hair shaft, but don't let the ends fall off since you need the tension to straighten your hair. Roll the brush back up and repeat a few times. Keep the blow-dryer pointed in a downward position while your wrist continuously rolls the brush up and down the hair shaft. It should take three passes or so to dry each section.
  •  Once your hair is totally dry, go back over just your hairline once more to tame any kinks. You can use a flatiron, but avoid your roots since you don't want them to be too flat. 
  • Mist your palms with shine spray and run them lightly over your hair, concentrating at the ends.

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