Anti-Cramp Natural Remedy

Anti-Cramp Natural Remedy

Ask anyone who suffers recurrent cramps, and they'll tell you, it's like being a prisoner – you feel locked up. Especially night cramps that sneak up on you in bed, when you think you can leave all your troubles behind. Here's a three-way plan to eat yourself to a cramp free life ( or at least less frequent spasms):

  1. Increase your intake of vitamin D (from milk and fish, for example). Remember, though, your body can also produce vitamin D from sunlight.
  2. Eat and drink more calcium-laden foods (milk products, dark leafy greens, tahini and other sesame products). 
  3. Try a daily vitamin E supplement of 300 to 400 IU – or add wheat germ, soybeans and parsley to your diet.

On an extra note, make sure you are not dehydrated. Most people are affected by cramps due to the lack of water throughout the system. Drink more water and see if that makes a difference!


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