5 Tips for a Healthy Heart

These are some basic ways you can start on improving your heart health. Although these tips might seem easy and common sense, seek help from a practitioner if you need assistance.

1. Stop Smoking – We all know in the time and age smoking kills… so… work with a DR., get family and friends support on get to it!

2. Exercise – Even walking improves cardiovascular improvement in your body. Find a few minutes out of everyday, buy a small jumping trampoline or just take a stroll around down the street. A little movement can help a lot!

3. Eat Healthy – you know fruits and vegetables and a balanced diet is the basic start to better healthy for your heart. Be kind to yourself and watch what you put in your body. Bad fats, calories and poor food will not only deteriorate your heart but all your other body organs too!

4. Stay Fit – Maintaing a healthy weight and muscular strength for your body also improves your mind and spirit!

5. get check -ups – Its important to know what you are working with. Check in with a practitioner who can help set up goals and guidelines for your journey in getting healthy.

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