Bright Eyes

Makes two glasses


200g/70z carrots

6 clementines, plus extra wedges or slices to decorate

ice cubes


1. Scrub the carrots and, using a sharp knife, shop them into large chunks of similar size. Quarter the clementines, discarding any pips (seeds).
2. Push the clementine quarters through a juicer, then repeat the procedure with the carrot chunks.
3. Pour the juice over ice cubes in a tall glass and decorate each glass with a wedge or slice of clementine.



Take the tingle factor up a notch and add some extra zing by spicing up the mix a little. Peel and slice some fresh ginger root and push the through the juicer with the clementines and carrots.

Smooth yet sassy, with all the color of a brilliant golden sunrise, this mouthwatering juice will make waking uo worthwhile – even on the most sluggish days,


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