10 Reasons To Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Refined sugars, often found in cookies, sodas and candy contribute to obesity. Keeping in mind almost everything you eat has sugar in it. Eating in moderation will help balance your sugar levels.

Sugar causes tooth decay.

Sugar causes the body to release more adrenaline, which may explain hyperactivity in children.

Calcium loss in urine occurs when a person consumes a soft drink.

Ingesting sugar makes the oancreas work harder to produce insulin, and can result in diabetes.

White sugar is bleached with chlorine.

Sugar can hinder weight loss by causing the body to store excess carbohydrates as fat.

Sugar increases mood swings, irritability, and anxiety.

Sugar comprimises the immune system, lowering effiencieny of white blood cells for at least five hours.

Eating sugar can decrease helpful high-density cholestrol and increase bad cholesterol.

Sugar increases the likelihood of chronic fatigue.

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