Kid Activities Part 1

Here is a list of excellent kid activities that will entertain you all!

Get Moving
Stretching, dance, twirl scarves, jump rope, hide and seek, silly walking, chase bubbles

Make Music
Make your own rattles, water in glasses to ding with a stick, drums-make a marching band, use platesand glue bells to them for a tamborine!

Play a Game
Wash the cars (carwash style) create a town with paper, ring around the rosies,

Let’s Pretend
Dress up into any character you can think of!

Create Art
Paint, draw, cut out snowflakes, playdo… get those juices flowing

Throw a Party
Pull out the sleeping bags, pretend to have a sleep over, forts are a fun way to have fun inside!

Staying home can be fun and exciting, just get your creative juices flowing and see what kind of activities your kids can come up with. Have an hour or two of just new creative thoughts, write them all down on a chalkboard or white board or paper! Have the kids draw pictures to describe their thoughts. Before you know it your day is over!

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