Get Bold About Mold

Get Rid of Mold Naturally- Home Remedies

Many people who blame their coughing and wheezing on pet dander or pollen are actually experiencing a reaction to mold spores in their home. Nothing helps mold flourish like high humidity, so do all you can to get household moisture under control. Obviously, that means keeping an eye out for roof leaks and drip-drip-dripping faucets. 

  • But you should also make sure that all space heaters, furnaces, gas logs, fireplaces, etc., are properly calibrated and well vented. In addition to producing carbon monoxide and other combustion products, these devices drench the air with water vapor. 
  • You might want to pick up a moisture meter (hygrometer) at a hardware store. if the indoor humidity in your home regularly exceeds 50 precent, a dehumidifier should solve your problem. 
  • Remove all your carpet in your home, lean towards wood, laminate, or natural materials for flooring options. 

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