Acne Scar Recovery Oil Blend

Rosehip seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids, is highly regenerative, promoting the growth of fresh, healthy skin. With  continued application, it dramatically increases the elasticity of the skin and stimulates the formation of new collagen fibrils, resulting in a smoother, more toned appearance. Combined with skin-conditioning wheat germ oil, plus rosemary and lavender essential oils, this blend synergizes to form a superior scar-preventative treatment when applies to new injuries or scar-fading treatment when applied to existing scars less than 2 years old.

15 drops lavender essential oil

15 drops rosemary

3 tablespoons rosehip seed base oil

1 tablespoon vitamin E oil or wheat germ oil

Add lavender and rosemary essential oil drop by drop directly into a storage bottle. Add the base oils. Screw the top on the bottle and shake vigorously for 2 minutes to blend. Label the bottle and place in a dark location that’s between 60 degrees and 80 degrees for 24 hours so that the oils can synergize. After 24 hours, refrigeration is required.

Shake well before each use. If possible, immediately after incurring an injury, clean the area and then massage several drops of this formula into the surrounding skin. Massage several drops into the entire wound twice daily as it begins to heal to prevent or at least minimize scarring.

Keep in mind even though the blend calls for “oil” do not be mistaken. This “oil” is not harming to acne skin. its very healing and will help to clear up acne.

spoon of dry lavender and aromatic lavender oil

spoon of dry lavender and aromatic lavender oil

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