Treat Chapped or Cracked Lips with Castor Oil

Castor Oil

You wouldn’t think it, but castor oil can be used for treating dry, chapped or cracked lips. Castor oil blocks in the natural hydration and creates a barrier preventing the outside elements from drying your lips even more. This natural dry lip remedy proves to help and heal chapped lips.

Apply castor oil to your lips using your fingers several times a day after meals.


1 teaspoon castor oil
1 teaspoon glycerin
a few drops of lemon juice or essential oil

Neroli oil can be added as well as an extra hydrating essential oil

Mix all the ingredients and apply to lips before bedtime. In the morning, if you feel any extra residue, wipe off gently with cotton or tissue with lukewarm water. Do not use soap as this will dry lips more. Repeat as needed to get the results you are looking for.


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