What’s Your Skin Type

What's Your Skin Type

Even the most amzing products won't do squat if they're not meant for your skin type. There's help, check below to see what complexion category you fall into.

Dry: Small pores, dullness, skin feels tight postcleansing

Oily: Large pores, acne prone, frequently looks shiny

Combination: Forehead, nose, and chin are oily while cheeks are drier

Normal: Similar to those of combination skin but with less oil in the T-zone area


Here are three tips to max out your moisturizer:

  • Apply your cream to freshly washed damp skin within three minutes to seal in moisture that's already there.
  • Massage the cream in for at least 15 seconds to boost circulation and push the lotion as far into your skin as possible.
  • Screw the lid on tightly to prevent oxidation, which can decrease the potency of certain ingredients.

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